In the embrace of green mountains - Gemerland

6 + 1 day | Slovakia and Budapest - HU | 640,- € | All Inclusive

In the embrace of green mountains - Gemerland

6 day

Explore this little-discovered destination of Slovakia, called Gemerland or region Gemer-Malohont / Gömör-Kishont. You will discover hundreds of interesting and unexpected secrets in almost every village, town, and valley. Dense forests and mysterious caves, untouched nature, fascinating frescoes in Gothic churches, important technical monuments, craftsmen and folklorists with a big hearts, ... You will find it all in our region. These are some of Slovakia's unique tourist destinations, which are hard to find elsewhere in the world.

  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner - Tailored to Your Preference.
  • Accommodation: Hotels / 6 nights.
  • Transport: Private Air-Conditioned Vehicle for Transfers and Sightseeing.
  • Price: € 640 / person.
  • The participation fee includes: accommodation - 6 nights, taxes, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), transport, tickets for individual programs, professional guidance of the group.
  • The participation fee does not include: whisky tastings, other meals, travel insurance, tour of Budapest, plane ticket.
640,00 € 750,00 €

Travel information


Day 1

  • Arrival at the airport - Liszt Ferenc International Airport - Budapest, Hungary.
  • Rest and dinner at the hotel in the center of Budapest, before tomorrow's tour.

Day 2

  • Tasty breakfast, packing, traveling to Hollókő.

  • Hollokó is an outstanding example of a deliberately preserved traditional settlement. This village, which developed mainly during the 17th and 18th centuries, is a living example of rural life before the agricultural revolution of the 20th century. It is part of the World Heritage Convention of UNESCO since 1987.

  • After a tour of the old village and castle of Hollókő we will have a tasty lunch in a hotel restaurant.

  • Our next stop is the Somoskő Castle, in immediate vicinity of the Slovak-Hungarian frontier. Somoskő Castle is a unique among the Slovakian castles as it is built of unconventional hexagonal basalt pillars at top of an old Vulcan. There are a few unique natural phenomenon, such as Stone Fall and Stone Sea.

  • Rest and dinner in a hotel at the historical center of Gemer-Malohont region. Free program.

Day 3

  • Tasty breakfast, packing, traveling.

  • Our first stop will be the Dobšinská Ice Cave, which belongs among the most important ice caves in the world. Since 2000 it is inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. As compared with known high-mountain ice caves in Austria or with Romanian ice caves, the monumental glaciation of the Dobšinská Ice Cave persist just for thousands of years at elevation only 920 to 950 m.

  • Lunch in a traditional restaurant near the manor house of Betliar.

  • Our last stop for today is the well-known manor house of Betliar, which is located in the valley of the Slaná River and it is a stately hunting manor surrounded by a wonderful English park with romantic structures including an artificial cave and waterfall. The manor house´s interior is equally interesting, as it contains a picture gallery, music and hunting halls, a library, antique furniture and exotic collections. Its reconstruction won a EUROPA NOSTRA award.

  • Rest and dinner in a hotel at the historical centre of Gemer-Malohont region. Free program.

Day 4

  • Tasty breakfast, packing, traveling.

  • The first stop of this day is a unique place at National Park of Muráňska planina, in the immediate vicinity of Muráň Castle. Here you can admire the natural inhabitants of the Muránska planina, which were released back into the wild here after the reduction of the population back in 2000. Ground squirrels are doing extremely well. Animals are more than used to human visitors, which does not mean, that you do not need to behave considerately in their presence.

  • The next stop will be near the river Hron, in Nemecká. Slovakia, thanks to its dense river network and varied landforms, offers the option to navigate down the rivers of different size and type. Here you can experience rafting on river Hron, from Nemecká to Mlynčok. The river trip takes approximately 2 hours, across 10 km.

  • The next stop will be at Holidaypark Kováčová, where you can experience entertainment and relax in the thermal healing water. Thermal water of Kováčová is known for its healing effects especially on the movement apparatus. The new Holidaypark Kováčová is a popular place for relax exactly because visitors can enjoy effects of the healing thermal water and at the same time to have fun in pools. Indoor pools with water temperature from 32 to 36 °C are open during the whole year. Lunch will be in the Holidaypark Kováčová.

  • Rest and dinner in a hotel at the historical centre of Gemer-Malohont region. Free program.

Day 5

  • Tasty breakfast, packing, traveling.
  • The first stop will be the Castle of Fiľakovo. The distinct dominant of the town Fiľakovo on the Slovak-Hungarian frontier are the ruins of its Castle, which survived the Tartar raids in the 13th century. You can experience here also a presentation of a historical group called Deffenzores.

  • Lunch in the Bebek Restaurant near to the Castle.
  • The next stop will be a unique aragonite cave, which is inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Ochtinská Aragonite Cave represents a unique natural phenomenon drawing attention by the richness and variety of aragonite fill, as well as an interesting evolution and development of cave spaces.

  • After saying goodbye to region Gemer-Malohont, we will travel to the second largest city of this country, Košice.

  • Rest and dinner in a hotel in the center of Košice. Free program.

Day 6

  • Tasty breakfast, packing, traveling.
  • We will have all day to discover the beauty of the city. Košice is not only the centre of eastern Slovakia but also the core of the Eastern Carpathians where several ethnicities live. On the Hornád river on the western edge of the Košická kotlina basins has a long and agitated history and its present is also dynamic. It has been the most important town of the region for centuries and a natural centre of trade, culture, and education.
  • Lunch in the oldest medieval restaurant in the centre of Košice.
  • Packing and travelling to Budapest at afternoon.
  • In the evening we will arrive at the hotel in Budapest. Rest and dinner at the hotel in the centre of Budapest, Hungary.

Day 7

  • Tasty breakfast, packing.
  • According to the agreement, we will organize a beautiful tour of the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

  • Flight home.

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General information:

Ordering a tour:

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Travel insurance: The basic price does not include travel insurance, but it is recommended.

Transport: Private Air-Conditioned Vehicle for Transfers and Sightseeing.

Accommodation: Our group will be accommodated in modern hotels. In rooms with 2-3-4 beds, with bathrooms, (extra bed can also be requested). A single person in a twin bedroom is obliged to pay the full price of the room.

Meals: Full board included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Vegetarian, lactose-, dairy- and gluten free breakfast is available, please indicate your request in advance on the application form. (Some hotels have their own kitchen with a mini bar.) Other meals during the tour are at your own expense.

The price includes all tickets: Hollókő – Old village and Castle, Somoskő - Castle, Dobšinská Ice Cave, Manor house of Betliar, National Park of Muráňska planina, Rafting on the Hron River, Holidaypark Kováčová, Castle of Fiľakovo, Ochtinská Aragonite Cave, Košice - St Elisabeth Minste.

Difficulty of the tour: The program includes shorter tours of the city, the length and height of which do not stand out, the terrain can be slippery in places in rainy weather. It is important to dress appropriately in the caves:

  • Dobšinská Ice Cave: the entrance to the cave is on the northern slope of the Duča Hill at elevation of 969,5 m, cave length is 1,483m. Duration of visit: 515 m. Cave spaces go down from the beginning, which together with northern orientation enables the descent of cold air and overall cooling of the cave. Air temperature in the Great Hall is from –3,8 to 0,5 °C.
  • Ochtinská Aragonite Cave: the cave is located in the Slovenské Rudohorie Mts. to the west of Rožňava. You can reach the cave by a turn from the state road between Štítnik and Jelšava on the Hrádok Hill (2 km). The parking is 300 m in front of the cave. Visitors walk from there to the cave entrance building. The artificial tunnel into the cave is 144 m long and overcomes the vertical distance of 19 metres with 104 steps. The total length of the show path in cave is 300 m, air temperature reaches 7,2º to 7,8ºC. Cave visit lasts 30 minutes.

Recommended personal equipment: We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the weather in the northern part of Slovakia is very changeable, so in the days before the trip, pay attention to the weather forecasts and prepare your clothing according to the expected weather. We recommend the use of closed and comfortable flat shoes, as well as warmer clothing, especially when visiting caves, and waterproof clothing during the rafting trip. It is recommended to take a small backpack for the walks (approx. 20 litters).

Age limit: The tour is recommended from the age of 15, but it provides an unforgettable experience for middle-aged and older people as well.

Health information: We recommend the purchase of general and proprietary medicines, as well as basic medical equipment (fever and pain reliever, antispasmodic, Anti-diarrheal medicine, Adhesive bandage, Wound disinfectant). Tour guides can only provide assistance in first aid, they are unable to provide medicines to the participants.

Statement: Since the weather can change during the trip, the tour guide of our office reserves the right to change the program in case of bad weather - rain, fog strong wind, poor visibility. This may mean changing the order of different attractions or tours, but in particularly bad weather (to protect the safety and health of the participants) they may be changed or even cancelled. In this case, we will try to organize some other program.

Currency: The official currency of Slovakia is the euro: / EUR.

Price guarantee: Our agency can guarantee the Travel fee for at least 35 passengers. If during the organization the number of the group does not reach the minimum number, our agency can cancel the trip 7 days before departure. In such a case, the Travel fee will be refunded in full or credited to another trip. Ltd reserves the right to modify the Contract price and notify the passengers based on the General Terms and Conditions.